General/Domestic Part 4

Mixed martial arts: why China could be huge for MMA thanks to deep talent pool, sport’s heritage and support trainee fighters get

25 June, 2017

  • Pummelling his opponent with hammer fists and kicks, Chen Lei frees himself from a leg lock. His Indonesian opponent Jeremy Meciaz, looking frazzled, strikes Chen in a final counter attack, only to be met with another barrage of punches. The onslaught stops only when the referee calls the bout, awarding Chen a technical knockout. Chen’s May victory in Singapore, in a fight staged under the auspices of the ONE Championship – a mixed martial arts media company based in the Lion City – continued the rising Chinese MMA star’s winning streak. Dubbed “Rock Man”, the 28-year-old native of Hunan province has won five fights since he arrived on the scene last year. Yet the former car salesman says he had only intended to learn martial arts so he could teach his mother self-defence.

China bans online loans to college students


  • China has banned online loans to college students following a three-year boom in campus lending, which has been accompanied by outrage over exorbitant rates, violent debt collection practices, porn for payment, and various financial scams. Financial institutions not registered or authorized by regulators are now banned from offering loans on campus, said a recent notice by China’s Banking Regulatory Commission, the Ministry of Education, and the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security. The notice said existing online lenders must withdraw from the market. Those who refuse will be shut down. Institutions suspected of malicious fraud, violence, and spreading obscenities will be subject to prosecution.

Chinese Bankers Flock to Hong Kong as Expats Retreat

JUNE 18, 2017

  • A flood of Chinese bankers is changing the social fabric of Hong Kong, as they rapidly expand their footprint in one of the world’s premier financial centres, even as Beijing struggles to tame the former British colony politically. Twenty years after Hong Kong’s handover to Chinese rule, scores of mainland professionals are filling the elite financial ranks of Hong Kong, while a series of lay-offs at Western banks has led to an exodus of expatriates. The largest increase in mainland staff over the past decade has come in investment banks, with 80 percent seeing an increase of at least 20 percent, according to a 2015 Financial Services Development Council survey.

73.7% of population supports rewarding Good Samaritans: China Youth Daily survey

June 13, 2017

  • A total of 73.7 percent of people support providing Good Samaritans with rewards when they take a stand against injustice, according to a survey conducted by the Social Survey Center of China Youth Daily and online survey platform Just over 2,000 respondents were questioned, with a roughly equal divide of men and women. The survey found that 51.9 percent of respondents believe that people should perform Good Samaritan acts according to their abilities, while always looking out for their own safety. In addition, 38.4 percent thought such acts have real merit and encouraged everybody to perform them. Another 8.3 percent said people should avoid Good Samaritan acts because they could cause unnecessary damage.

Mainland mulls preferential policies for Taiwan residents


  • The Chinese mainland is considering a series of new preferential policies for Taiwanese residents, ranging from access to public provident funds to better tourism services, a mainland spokesman said Wednesday. The move is the latest in a string of goodwill efforts by the mainland to boost the peaceful development of cross-Strait relations. Taiwanese residents working on the mainland will be granted equal rights to housing provident funds to help them purchase homes and settle on the mainland, Ma Xiaoguang, spokesman for the State Council Taiwan Affairs Office, said at a press conference.

China’s ‘social credit’ threatens to become social control

June 12, 2017

  • When trying to buy a plane ticket in April for a business trip, an employee of a foreign company in Shenzhen was shocked to have the purchase denied due to the worker’s presence on a government blacklist. The employee, surnamed Zhong, discovered that a company run by the would-be traveler’s father had defaulted on a debt — and Zhong owned stock in the business. The list of “discredited” debtors is set by China’s courts, which mainly go after those who fall behind on paying settlements or court-ordered compensation. Zhong had misgivings about being on the list in the first place, as shareholders should have only limited liability for the debts of the business. Yet Zhong had no choice but to go before a court to settle the neglected 400,000 yuan ($58,800) debt.

China’s exploration of flammable ice going smoothly: geological bureau


  • China has explored about 210,000 cubic meters of the combustible ice in the South China Sea and the tests are proceeding smoothly, a local geological bureau said on Saturday. A month has passed since the test on the extraction of combustible ice started in waters near the Pearl River estuary, said Guangzhou Marine Geological Bureau. By Saturday afternoon, its daily production is 6,800 cubic meters, the bureau said.

Studying in China? Law, culture, language classes are now compulsory

06 June, 2017

  • Foreign students pursuing higher education diplomas in China will have to take compulsory courses in Chinese and about the country’s general conditions and culture starting from next month, the government announced on Monday. The new regulations – drawn up by the ministries of education, foreign affairs and public security – require universities and colleges to teach international students about China’s laws and regulations, plus its institutions and traditional Chinese culture and customs.

Beijing and Private Charities Team Up to Feed Hungry Chinese Children


  • Wang Qiang (pseudonym) has to walk two hours to school in a mountainous village in Xinhuang county, Central China’s Hunan Province. But the 7-year-old enjoys school – and his free lunch there. Students like Wang once endured hunger and health problems because their families were too poor to afford a daily lunch. This meant no meal for 10 hours. Most had to drink water to appease their grumbling stomachs.

China’s broadcast regulator, tightening control of content, promotes ‘core socialist values’

Jun 3, 2017

  • A key Chinese regulator has issued a notice demanding broadcasters distribute programs that promote “core socialist values”, and “forcefully oppose” content that celebrates money worship, hedonism, radical individualism and feudal thought. The notice, which was issued on Friday by the State Administration of Press, Publication Radio Film and Television (SAPPRFT), provides further guidance for the creation and broadcast of program content, particularly for the country’s rapidly growing Internet platforms.

China to set up combustible ice bases for industrial development


  • China will set up two to four large combustible ice bases for industrial development, the Ministry of Land and Resources (MOLR) said Friday. The government will also formulate regulation and other industrial procedures, according to Li Jinfa, deputy director of the China Geological Survey under the MOLR. China is estimated to have 80 billion tonnes of oil equivalent combustible ice, according to Li.

Chinese submersible Jiaolong descends to 4,811 meters in Mariana Trench


  • China’s manned submersible Jiaolong finished a dive in “Challenger Deep” in the Mariana Trench, the world’s deepest known trench, on Tuesday. The dive began at 7:09 a.m. local time. Nearly three hours later, the submersible reached the planned depth of 4,811 meters, where scientists worked for more than three hours. They conducted observation, sampling and surveying, and collected seawater, rocks and samples of marine life, including a sea cucumber, a sponge and two starfish. The submersible also photographed the seabed.

China’s Youth League Wants Singles to Find the One

May 18, 2017

  • The youth arm of the Communist Party of China has vowed to help the country’s singles find that special someone. He Junke, one of the top officials in Communist Youth League (CYL), said in a press conference on Wednesday that he wants to solve “the marriage problem of young people.” The CYL plans to help young people develop a “correct” attitude toward marriage, He said, arguing that both the utilitarian views on marriage in recent years as well as the “outdated marriage customs” of rural China have had a bad influence on young couples.

For millions of Chinese with rare diseases, some relief in sight

May 19, 2017

  • China is set to publish its first national list of rare diseases, to guide policymakers as part of a broader overhaul to improve diagnoses and speed up drug approvals in the world’s second-largest drugs market.

China probes Hulk incident, Lavezzi off the hook

17 May 2017

  • China’s football authority said Wednesday it is investigating Brazilian star Hulk’s alleged altercation with a rival club’s staffer, but it saw “no malicious intent” in a separate racially-charged row involving Argentina’s Ezequiel Lavezzi. Both South American players, who are among the growing crop of highly paid foreign stars in China’s cash-rich Super League, have been embroiled in race-related incidents in recent weeks.

Shanghai street style is exploding – from Wang Lili to Timothy Parent, meet the people who are shaping the scene

12 May, 2017

  • Wang Lili is a familiar face at Shanghai Fashion Week, held in the luxury shopping and entertainment hub of Xintiandi district. She is both a “street style” photographer and much photographed local icon who started her working life on a factory assembly line. She then became a novelist before reinventing herself as a street-style photographer five years ago, after attending her first show at Shanghai Fashion Week.

China Intensifies Controls on Search Engines and Online News Portals

May 09, 2017

  • On Sunday, China vowed to intensify controls on search engines and online news portals. As part of President Xi Jinping’s drive to maintain the Communist Party’s power over content, the latest move will further increase the country’s Internet regulations. China’s “cyber sovereignty” has been the main concern of Xi’s sweeping campaign to reinforce security. The Chinese president has also stressed the responsibility of the ruling Communist Party in regulating and directing the online discussion.

Umbrellas the latest trend in China’s sharing economy

09 May, 2017

  • Commuters across China have readily hopped on the bike sharing craze, and now a new sharing economy trend will keep them from ever getting caught in the rain, mainland media reported. Major Chinese cities have rolled out shared-umbrella schemes, in which customers rent brollies by paying a refundable deposit and scanning a QR code.

China’s first giant passenger jet makes successful takeoff and landing in maiden flight

4 May 2017

  • The maiden test flight of the C919 airliner made a successful takeoff, and landing, after a 90-minute flight from Shanghai Pudong International Airport on Friday, according to a livestream via Twitter carried on China’s official news agency Xinhua.

Family doctors to cover 85% of Chinese cities by the end of 2017


  • The idea of seeing a family doctor is still a new thing for many Chinese. But that may soon be different. As a pioneering project, southwestern Sichuan province provides family doctor services to more than 32 million of its citizens by the end of last year.

Beijing Reins In Online News Services

May 2, 2017 1

  • New rules for Chinese internet operations require top editor be a Chinese citizen, cooperation with a foreign entity be submitted to security review

20,000 Chinese writers will create their own Wikipedia competitor


  • The Chinese government has hired tens of thousands of scholars to create an online version of the national encyclopedia, which will compete in size and scope with the Chinese-language version of Wikipedia. The third edition of the Chinese Encyclopaedia will be “the nation’s first digital book of ‘everything,'” featuring 300,000 entries of about 1,000 words each, according to the South China Morning Post, which reported the news on Sunday. More than 20,000 authors from universities and research institutes will contribute to the effort. Ultimately, that will make the Chinese Encyclopaedia twice as large as Encyclopedia Brittanica and about the same size as the Chinese-language Wikipedia.

Fertility Rate Rising in China Under Two-Child Policy


  • China’s two-child policy is showing “notable results” with the fertility rate expected to rise through to 2020, a senior health official said on Saturday. Speaking to reporters on the sidelines of China’s annual meeting of parliament, Wang Peian, vice-minister of the National Health and Family Planning Commission said there were “notable results” in 2016, with the largest annual number of newborn babies since 2000. Wang said 18.46 million live births were recorded last year, two million more than the average of the previous five years.

Over Half of Babies Born in Guangzhou in Past 6 Months Are Second Children

April 30, 2017

  • The number of second children born in Guangzhou, South China’s Guangdong Province surpassed the number of first children during the past six months, which experts said shows that the second-child policy was not “unpopular and ineffective” as some reports had presumed. The Guangzhou Health and Family Planning Commission released the figures about the birth of second children on Tuesday and vowed to build more maternity and child-care centers, reported on Wednesday. Among the 123,600 babies born in Guangzhou from October 2016 to March 2017, 70,800 are second children, said the commission.

Amazon Report Shows Chinese Enthusiastic about Reading

April 28, 2017

  • Amazon China, one of the largest online booksellers, released its 2017 Reading Report on April 20, which shows a continued interest in reading and some new trends among Chinese readers. Based on 14,000 surveys and company data, Amazon reports that 56 percent of those surveyed read more than 10 books last year, continuing a trend found in previous years. But this year it finds that 78 percent of the readers are sharing reading experiences on social media, such as on instant-messaging app WeChat, micro blog Sina Weibo, review website Douban and question-and-answer website Zhihu.

China Completes First National Geoinformation Survey

Apr 26, 2017

  • China has completed its first national geoinformation survey, which collects basic information on the country’s natural resources including location, range, and area, and man-made construction like roads and neighborhoods.- Based on the 770-terabyte data gathered, China has a total of 7.56 million square kilometers of vegetation cover, while infrastructures occupy 153,000 square kilometers of land, the State Council Information Office said during a press briefing on Monday.

HK to welcome first Cambodian maids

April 26, 2017

  • HONG Kong is expecting its first batch of Cambodian domestic helpers in September, thanks to a relaxation of visa restrictions intended to promote communication with countries along the Belt and Road Initiative. There will be around 1,000 Cambodians in the first group, while the long-term goal is to have over 10,000 more Cambodians employed by Hong Kong families every year, Simon Liu, chairman of Cambodia Human Resource Development Association, said.

First China-produced passenger plane completes high-speed taxi test


  • China’s first domestically produced passenger plane completed a high-speed taxi test for the first time in Shanghai on Sunday, just one step away from its maiden flight, reported. The COMAC C919 rolled off the assembly line on Nov 2, 2015, and was delivered to the flight test center in December. With more than 150 seats and a standard range of 4,075 kilometers, the locally designed and built aircraft marks a significant milestone in Chinese manufacturing, as China moves up the global production chain.